Solo A Star Wars Story: Wind Up Fighting Droids



Remember when personal computers used actual programs (they weren't called 'apps' yet, kids) for screensavers?  Along with flying toasters, The Simpsons and dozens of other screensavers was the 1994 LucasArts release, Star Wars Screen Entertainment.  It came with fourteen different options featuring a ton of cool photos, low-res graphics and character and vehicle information that one would associate with Star Wars Visual Guides.  There's an option for data about the various creatures in the cantina and one that displays schematics for vehicles.  Have Darth Vader battle Ben Kenobi across your desktop.  Create your own Star Wars-style scroll up.   Our personal favourite? The Jawas destroying your desktop!


Big thanks to YouTube user, "Padawanmage71" who recorded video of each screensaver so that this piece of Star Wars in the 90's can live on!

Hear us talk about it here on Episode 49 of The Sandcrawler:




We aren't sure who those other two guys are, but check out Dan at New York Comic Con 2017 as he helps Funko unveil the Dengar POP!


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