40 Years of Christmas & Star Wars Figures

I was recently given a complete set of last year’s The Last Jedi Opening Night Fan Event Topps Exclusive Collectible Cards and it got me thinking about how even though we got a great Star Wars movie this past spring with Solo: AStarWarsStory this will be the first Christmas since 2015 that Star Wars fans won’t have a new movie to see in theatres.  
Then I started thinking about how Christmas 2018 is 40 years after the first Christmas that young Star Wars fans could look forward to Kenner Star Wars action figures under the tree.  For Christmas 1978 I think I was given the Kenner X-wing fighter, although it could have been a birthday present (my birthday is also in December).  

With that in mind, I give you something old and something new:  A pairing of The Last Jedi Topps cards with my Kenner Star Wars action figures.  Here’s to forty more years of Star Wars figures and Christmas!

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