THE Star Wars ROOM

It's part museum, part tv room, part zen garden. The best thing about the Star Wars room is that it's never finished. It's always changing and evolving.  

welcome to our Star Wars rooms!

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February 2019

When we started The Sandcrawler in October 2016 Dan was all over the place, Star Wars collecting-wise. He was into 3.75 modern and vintage, Black Series, Funko POP and assorted prop replicas. Little by little he began whittling down his collecting habits and only focused on what he was really excited about. 2.5 years later he’s begun to rebuild his Star Wars room. He’s got some great ideas in mind for his current obsession: Power of the Force 2 along with a bunch of other favourite Star Wars collectibles that he hung onto after his big purge. If he can just figure out where to put it all….


January 2019

Star Wars-wise, the end of 2018 was a busy time for me as I spent a ton of time with my collection. I accomplished two things;  I did some real diorama work on my Rebel base display, which you can see and read about BELOW and second, I more or less “finalized” the big renovation that started back in September.  That was when I swapped out a bunch of mismatched, old bookcases for new white ones.  See that transformation below as well.  

Between that big move and the expansion of my Rebel base display, I spent the past few weeks basically finding a home for everything again.  And also coming up with plans for the future as I’m just about out of display space in my Star Wars room.  

One thing that is different from the “old” room and the “new” room is that for the most part I eliminated much of the background items I normally used on my various shelves.  So instead of artwork or prints or advertising, most of the shelves just feature action figures on a white background.  The main reason I did this was simply to get the figures back on display as quick as possible when I swapped out the old furniture for new.  What I found with this starker look is that I’ve come to appreciate the action figures themselves as they just stand out better against a white backdrop.  

I don’t intend on keeping things like this, however as I’m already getting the itch to create environments for the figures (I’m looking at you Rogue One Scarif display!)

I’ll be taking my time doing this though, I’m still enjoying the new bookcases and will revisit each display as I’m able to.  

It’s been a long journey getting my Star Wars room to this point, thanks for listening to Dan and I on the podcast as we talk about stuff like this and I hope you enjoy the photos.  Please share your Star Wars room with us!

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January 2019

This past Christmas break I finally spent some time with a glue gun, various pieces of junk, craft foam bricks and a bunch of Star Wars figures and took my Rebel Base display to the next level (for me anyway). Last September I did my first diorama that involved creating walls and more of a realistic environment by creating a docking bay for my Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon.  The plan this time was to make a walled in rebel Command Centre and a pilot ready room. 

I’m pretty happy with the results as I was able to create adjoining rooms, separated by a window. I also incorporated battery operated LED light strings for some ambient lighting.  I think the final product turned out quite well, although I learned a lot along the way so when I start another project I may revisit this one.  My main concern is that the ready room is a little difficult to see behind the command centre but I set up the rooms in a way that would let me have more space for the Force Awakens X-wing that I weathered and other displays.  

One thing I didn’t count on at this point was to expand the rebel base display into another shelf but I was pretty psyched after finishing the two rooms so I have (for now) a rough idea of my next project: a display based on  the rebels hideout on Hoth: Echo Base.  


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Summer 2018. The Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon, also known as The Big Millennium Falcon or “BMF” is probably the best vehicle or play set that has ever taken action figure form. It has a great paint job, fun play features including light up engines, high quality sound effects and (my favourite) a ramp that lowers at the touch of a button, accompanied by light. It’s huge, it’s a monster. And it takes up a ton of space in any collection. In Episode 56: Star Wars Summertime I talk about giving this beast a worthy home in my collection as I take my first steps in building a diorama with lights and walls. Now, in my large Rebel base display, the Falcon has it’s own hanger, surround by walls with inset lighting. I wish I could have gone even bigger with the diorama as it would have been cool to be able to turn the Falcon around on a turntable in order to see all sides of the ship but as we all know, there’s only so much space in a Star Wars Room. In an upcoming post I’ll have more photos of this diorama, “in action” with Star Wars figures interacting around and in the Millennium Falcon.

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new cabinets, new colours in the Star Wars room

FALL 2018

On Episode 61: Changing How We Collect V2.0 we celebrate two years since starting The Sandcrawler. We take the opportunity to discuss how we have changed our collecting habits as Star Wars collectors. Dan is sitting on a giant pile of purchases and isn’t sure where to move forward in his Star Wars room while Mac took advantage of the Labour Day Weekend to replace his mismatched book cases with the help of friend of the show, Ryan Holman, with bright, shiny, white IKEA Billy bookcases. Here’s a look at that process as he moves his figures around, and begins to re-appreciate alot of his collection.

Click here for a thread of tweets that Mac did one night as he was putting his figures back on display.