THE Star Wars ROOM

It's the place where we keep our Star Wars stuff.  It's part museum, part tv room, part zen garden. The best thing about the Star Wars room is that it's never finished. It's always changing and evolving.  welcome to our Star Wars rooms!


Summer 2018. The Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon, also known as The Big Millennium Falcon or “BMF” is probably the best vehicle or play set that has ever taken action figure form. It has a great paint job, fun play features including light up engines, high quality sound effects and (my favourite) a ramp that lowers at the touch of a button, accompanied by light. It’s huge, it’s a monster. And it takes up a ton of space in any collection. In Episode 56: Star Wars Summertime I talk about giving this beast a worthy home in my collection as I take my first steps in building a diorama with lights and walls. Now, in my large Rebel base display, the Falcon has it’s own hanger, surround by walls with inset lighting. I wish I could have gone even bigger with the diorama as it would have been cool to be able to turn the Falcon around on a turntable in order to see all sides of the ship but as we all know, there’s only so much space in a Star Wars Room. In an upcoming post I’ll have more photos of this diorama, “in action” with Star Wars figures interacting around and in the Millennium Falcon.

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FALL 2018

On Episode 61: Changing How We Collect V2.0 we celebrate two years since starting The Sandcrawler. We take the opportunity to discuss how we have changed our collecting habits as Star Wars collectors. Dan is sitting on a giant pile of purchases and isn’t sure where to move forward in his Star Wars room while Mac took advantage of the Labour Day Weekend to replace his mismatched book cases with bright, shiny, white IKEA Billy bookcases. Here’s a look at that process as he moves his figures around, and begins to re-appreciate alot of his collection.

Click here for a thread of tweets that Mac did one night as he was putting his figures back on display.



Winter 2017

A couple years ago I bought some IKEA LED light strips that come with a wired controller that allows the bulbs to shine different colours.  Ideally I would like to have these in every bookcase in my Star Wars room but I haven't committed to that yet.  This past weekend was spent moving a few displays around so I could see what lighting effects I could get for them.  I wanted to move my Empire Strikes Back display to where these lights are installed so I could take advantage of the red hue with my Power of the Jedi Carbon Freeze Chamber play set.  I also added a floor grating that I found at Diorama Workshop: an amazing source for diorama builders. Inside the chamber that Han Solo can be dropped into, I wrapped a set of dollar store LEDs around a toilet paper tube and sat the Solo figure on top of it.  The appearance is of Han being lowered into the chamber.   I also used some clear drawer organizers to give some height to the bounty hunters and to allow for a string of  LED lights to highlight those characters from beneath.  

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