The Sandcrawler #77 - Chancellor Usurped! 

June 23, 2019

First off we want to thank everyone that sent in an iTunes review since our last episode.  We’re overwhelmed by your kindness! Thanks also to the folks we mentioned on the show that have recently contributed to our website! You’ve helped us build the into a true home for Action Figure Therapy!

Listener contributions to

Haslab Sail Barge Lighting

Watto Prototype Photos 

•PLAY OUTSIDE: Scarif Trooper Photo Set 

And here’s Mac’s entry • R5-X2 A Star Wars Story

This week we discuss our Father’s Day festivities including road trips to Alec Guiness’ Star in Stratford Ont, cool flea market finds and a celebratory fishing expedition for Dan.  We then go WAY of script and have a great talk about the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman.

Dan’s Childhood Batman Toy Photos

Mac’s Visit to Alec Guiness’ Star in Stratford, Ontario

Celebration Anaheim 2020 ain’t happenin’ for your hosts and we discuss what the future could hold for the biggest Star Wars event in the galaxy.  We take a look at recent news about Anovos, classic Star Wars video games returning  (thanks to TechnoRetro Dads for the head’s up) & talk about the Black Series “Dorito” stands.

In our continuing look at the figures from The Phantom Menace line, we pick six more favourites-what do you think of the ones we covered so far? Head over to our Instagram where we’ve been posting photos of the figures as we go.