February 17, 2019

Grab a bottle of water and don’t forget to stretch and pace yourself because this week’s show is an epic one!

Hasbro’s panel at New York Toy Fair 2019 was a big one for Star Wars collectors with news of new releases, amazing exclusives, play sets and more.  In order to digest all of the news from Toy Fair we’ve brought in a ringer: One of the most knowledgable people in the Star Wars collecting community, our good friend, Jake Stevens of  

If you haven’t checked out all of the press photos from Toy Fair and want more details,  head over to where Jake has all of this new information posted.  

Topics covered this week:

•Triple Force Friday

•Hasbro Pulse

•The Retro Collection

•Black Series HyperReal 

•Black Series

•Celebration Chicago Phantom Menace Exclusives

•The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set

•The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Tatooine Skiff Vehicle

Thank you SO much to those of you that weighed in on all of this news via social media, it really helped us grasp what is behind some of these reveals. Keep the feedback coming via Twitter and Facebook or follow the link to our website for email info!