On this week/s show, Jake Stevens returns as we take a look at new news ahead of Triple Force Friday, The Mandalorian in Entertainment Weekly, when Black Series is white and new finds in I Wanted Everything. We also take a deep dive into Power of the Force promo stickers and Dan makes his case for POTF2 to be called vintage. All this and more on your home for Star Wars Action Figure Therapy!


Recorded one day before the Sizzle Reel for The Rise of Skywalker dropped on Good Morning America.  

Emotions are high this week as we talk about most of the news from D23, figure releases for Triple Force Friday and the apparent replacing of the ForceLink line with the a new 5-inch scale line. Mac shares some new finds in I Wanted Everything and Dan shares an absolute horror story about his Star Wars room.  

We read a great iTunes review, an email from Garry from Australia and we follow up on last week’s question “what would you do if your collection disappeared?” See what other listeners said about this question on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We’re all over the place on this one but trust us, it’s worth it! 


The Sandcrawler - Episode 79-Sio Bibble’s Bald Spot

August 7, 2019

We open with an amazing vintage find for Mac that occurred right before we started recording and then catch up on what’s been going on in our Star Wars rooms.  We’ve been making moves and adding lighting.  Mac installed IKEA lighting in a few places and Dan found a good price on acrylic risers.  

Dan has a question for you: What would you do if you suddenly lost your entire collection? Would you rebuild? Change your focus? Something else? Let us know via email or reach out on social media.

We read what could be our favourite iTunes review ever from The Amazing Ratso and we would just like to say, “Hidilly ho, neighbour!”  We clear up the mystery of Oak Island with an email from Erin From Work and then move into a live unboxing of a gift for Dan from our buddy Jay Roy.  

We also wrap up our retrospective on the initial release of action figures from The Phantom Menace and will be returning to our look at the Power of the Force 2 line very soon!

•Video of the amazingly vintage Princess Leia porcelain bust!

•Excellent articles on vintage ceramic Star Wars items via the Star Wars Collector’s Archive.

•Listen to Mac guest on Generation X-wing with other members of the Star Wars Commonwealth. 

•Spice rack foot peg mod via Diorama Workshop

•Visit for photos and info on The Phantom Menace line of figures and follow along as we discuss the last batch of figures from this line. 

—some of our recent finds we talk about in I Wanted Everything this week, see more of Dan’s bootleg Dash Render figure here.


The Sandcrawler - Episode 78 - SDCC 2019 with Jake Stevens

July 21, 2019

After a month since our last episode we are back and excited to talk some Star Wars and we’ve brought along our buddy, Jake Stevens of to help us out!

We’ve all picked up a lot of cool Star Wars merch since our last show including more prototype Power of the Force items for Dan, some great figures from 2015 for Mac and new vehicles for Jake’s collection.

Jake tells us about some panels he hosted with Star Wars celebs at Washington State Comic Con last month including his somewhat awkward conversation with John Ratzenburger.

We then take a look at some of the Star Wars news out of San Diego Comic Con 2019 (or lack thereof) and use the amazing Marvel announcements to ask, “Where’s the Star Wars?”  Head over to for Hasbro’s press release and images of announced action figures!

Dan’s Work Office Star Trek Makeover

Jake’s “Binary Sunset” video

Play Outside - Nate & Paul VanDyk

Jawa POTF LED lights mod


The Sandcrawler #77 - Chancellor Usurped! 

June 23, 2019

First off we want to thank everyone that sent in an iTunes review since our last episode.  We’re overwhelmed by your kindness! Thanks also to the folks we mentioned on the show that have recently contributed to our website! You’ve helped us build the into a true home for Action Figure Therapy!

Listener contributions to

Haslab Sail Barge Lighting

Watto Prototype Photos 

•PLAY OUTSIDE: Scarif Trooper Photo Set 

And here’s Mac’s entry • R5-X2 A Star Wars Story

This week we discuss our Father’s Day festivities including road trips to Alec Guiness’ Star in Stratford Ont, cool flea market finds and a celebratory fishing expedition for Dan.  We then go WAY of script and have a great talk about the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman.

Dan’s Childhood Batman Toy Photos

Mac’s Visit to Alec Guiness’ Star in Stratford, Ontario

Celebration Anaheim 2020 ain’t happenin’ for your hosts and we discuss what the future could hold for the biggest Star Wars event in the galaxy.  We take a look at recent news about Anovos, classic Star Wars video games returning  (thanks to TechnoRetro Dads for the head’s up) & talk about the Black Series “Dorito” stands.

In our continuing look at the figures from The Phantom Menace line, we pick six more favourites-what do you think of the ones we covered so far? Head over to our Instagram where we’ve been posting photos of the figures as we go.


The Sandcrawler #76 - Vanity Fair, Galaxy’s Edge & Phantom Menace Figures 

June 3, 2019
The Vanity Fair “Rise of Skywalker” Issue has fans talking about the future of Star Wars and we spend some time discussing some “what ifs” for Episode 9.  It’s just fun speculation but that’s what Star Wars is about, right? Oh and we also make our claim that Episode 9 should do what Avengers: Endgame did and give us a 3-hour plus Star Wars movie to wrap up the Skywalker saga. C’mon JJ, do it!

We start off with I Wanted Everything where Dan finds a couple figures that he simply couldn’t move on with if he hadn’t found them and then we talk about both picking up the Retro Collection Luke Skywalker.  

We had maybe the best time we’ve ever had recording this show this week as we catch up on life in general before getting into some show feedback. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post an iTunes review -except that one guy.  Congratulations also to the newest members of the Commonwealth!

We take a quick look at some of the merchandise for Galaxy’s Edge and geek out about what a visit to Batuu could be like.  Also we’re in love with Worrt.  

Despite all our joking about too many Star Wars anniversaries in May, we start our look at the action figures from The Phantom Menace, in honour of it’s 20th anniversary.  We’ll take a bigger look at these figures on our next episode as well.  


Play Outside!  -new photos! Send us yours! 

Mac’s POTF Jabba’s Palace diorama mod

Dan Brooks’ Fantastic Article on The Phantom Menace

Dan Brooks Bought A Worrt at Galaxy’s Edge!

Galaxy’s Edge Marketplace Merchandise Celebration Reveal via Skywalking Through Neverland


The Sandcrawler #75 -The Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary Commentary

May 19th, 2019

What can we say, it’s all in the title! We sit down to provide insightful (bad jokes) and inspirational (more bad jokes) commentary as we watch our first Star Wars movie together. Happy 20th anniversary to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace! Look for our retrospective on the action figures from The Phantom Menace in an upcoming episode!


The Sandcrawler #74 - Wookiee Hugs

May 5th, 2019

This week’s show unfortunately starts off on a down note as we shake our heads over Hasbro’s apparent mishandling of it’s May the Fourth Celebration Exclusives release on Hasbro Pulse. But even more of a downer is the loss of Chewbacca actor, Peter Mayhew. We talk about why events like this are important to our fandom and then discuss some of our favourite Chewbacca collectibles. Dan has a really great story of reclaiming a child hood toy that you won’t want to miss.

May the Fourth is annually a big day for both of us, with various non-Star Wars anniversaries falling on Star Wars Day and we talk about how we spent the day (after a geography lesson on exactly how far Mac lives from his hometown of Windsor, Ontario).

We have a giant-sized I Wanted Everything segment this week as Dan shares a new, cool prototype and Mac catches up on a ton of new items he’s picked up over the last few months. If you can make it past the rants about Game of Thrones and Geico salespeople there is a ton of great Star Wars toy talk and toy memories on our latest dose of Action Figure Therapy!


Photo Gallery: Escape From Death Star Board Game & Exclusive Retro Collection Grand Moff Tarkin

Our Star Wars rooms

Prototype Archives

Peter Mayhew Foundation

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This is the “Dumpin Dengar” pin Dan received from “Hall of Famer” Dave Fronsee!-Click pic for link to get your own!

This is the “Dumpin Dengar” pin Dan received from “Hall of Famer” Dave Fronsee!-Click pic for link to get your own!


April 23, 2019

It’s an XXL Sandcrawler this week!  With the sounds of Game 7 of the Leafs vs Bruins matchup in the background we continue our look at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.  Last week we geeked out over the Rise of Skywalker teaser and this week we welcome back our good buddy, Jake Stevens of , as he recaps his experiences at Celebration.  

Jake interviewed different members of Hasbro’s team and shares what they had to say about what’s coming down the line for Star Wars collecting. We discuss our favourite announcements from Hasbro and delve into the Celebration lottery system and the issues that arose.  We also touch on Power of the Force(duh), getting autographs, Home Alone 2 and the always entertaining Anthony Daniels.  


Hasbro Celebration Breakdown via

Thanks to Dave Fronsee, Mike Harris and Christopher Leddy for representing the Sandcrawler with their Tee Public while at Celebration! We are honoured, gentlemen!

ForceCast Star Tours Documentary

Celebration-Collecting Track YouTube Channel

Jordan Hembrough POTF Falcon “engineering pilot cast”

Back of cards for Celebration exclusives via Fantha tracks

Gajo Rasic Play Outside

Our Star Wars Rooms -look for a new look to that part of the site in the upcoming weeks-with Dan in full reno mode & Mac tracking his progress over the years


April 12, 2019

We sat down about 8 hours after the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker for a “show meeting.” We were going to discuss future episodes and improvements to the website but instead we ended up getting right into our thoughts on the trailer.   We hadn’t intended on recording this but we did because it’s our first impressions and we wanted to capture that. Because of that there are many “ummms” and “y’knows” and awkward pauses as we wrestle with all of the amazing images that Lucasfilm threw down at Celebration.  Enjoy!


March 30, 2019

This week we bring you our in depth review of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler and cover the heroes from the Power of the Force line in 1997.  We also take a look at the results of Hasbro’s Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Poll.   We read a bunch of listener feedback and share our amazing care packages that were give to us by a listener (Thanks, Justin!!) We finish off the Power of the Force figures from 1997 by looking at the “hero” figures from the line. Thanks to for their great archive!

Not enough? Well we also talk about Canadian coins, BIll Hader, Luke’s Medal, Lando’s clothing, 2-1B’s lack of fame and Mac does an awful impression of Lando that for some reason Dan just loves.  

Along with our review of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler on this episode, we also have a video review up on our YouTube page.  You can find a link to that and an album of hi-res photos on our website


-MARCH 14, 2019

After a couple of shows featuring guest Star Wars collectors we thought it was time to catch up on what we’ve been up to in our Star Wars collecting.  And we had detailed show notes, very organized. But then it happened….Marphalump.  Who is Marphalump? He’s an amazing creation from the Phantom Menace Pepsi Can promotion from back in 1999.  Watch this video and have your memory jogged. We’re still reeling from it.  There’s actually a short documentary on the entire promotion that aired at the same time. Seeing is believing. Here’s the purchase that Dan made that sent us down this rabbit hole.

We finally get back on track and discuss Hasbro’s recent fan poll to pick the next Black Series figure from Empire Strikes Back. 

Next, Dan talks about how he has found a unique side to collecting the Power of the Force line and we get into a discussion about focusing on what you love and how much more rewarding collecting is when that’s the focus.  This turns in to a discussion on not being able to display a figure without an accurate accessory. GAH!!!!

After over a year of waiting Hasbro’s Haslab Jabba’s Sail Barge has begun showing up at collector’s doorsteps and we talk about how we feel about not ordering one.  If nothing else, it’s inspired us to take a closer look at our Jabba’s Palace, Barge and Skiff figures.   

Mac finally gets to talk about his trip to Walt Disney World last month and reports on Star Wars merchandise at the resort as well as some cool Star Wars themed attractions and shows. You can see photos of Launch Bay and Galaxy’s Edge on our Facebook page.  He also talks about some cool interactions he and his family had with some awesome Disney Castmembers.  And the big question is finally answered: Did he come home with the Disney Parks Sandcrawler?  Listen and find out!

Head over to our YouTube page for a short video Mac shot while at Walt Disney World featuring Star Wars-themed entertainment.  Consider it a time capsule of that time BEFORE Galaxy’s Edge arrived at the Disney Parks.  

We’ve got a few new updates over at including new photos for PLAY OUTSIDE and our Collector’s Spotlight. If you have some awesome photos for either topic send them to











Feb 21, 2019

This week on The Sandcrawler Mac and Dan are joined by Matt Cardona aka wrestling superstar Zack Ryder from the WWE!  Matt is an epic wrestling figure and toy collector and a big fan of the Power of the Force line.  In our Collector’s Spotlight we find out what kind of collector he is and what the Power of the Force means to him.  

And we couldn’t have such a big fan of Power of the Force without covering the next wave in our series.  So along with Matt we take a look at the Power of the Force villain figures released in 1997.  Have a look at his collection in our Collector’s Spotlight. Thanks to for their always excellent archival information. 

Big thanks to Matt for coming on the show and sharing his thoughts on Star Wars and wrestling toys! Find Matt Cardona on Twitter.  Find details on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

If you missed Dan’s tweets about finding Dengar all over Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi you can check them out here.


February 17, 2019

Grab a bottle of water and don’t forget to stretch and pace yourself because this week’s show is an epic one!

Hasbro’s panel at New York Toy Fair 2019 was a big one for Star Wars collectors with news of new releases, amazing exclusives, play sets and more.  In order to digest all of the news from Toy Fair we’ve brought in a ringer: One of the most knowledgable people in the Star Wars collecting community, our good friend, Jake Stevens of  

If you haven’t checked out all of the press photos from Toy Fair and want more details,  head over to where Jake has all of this new information posted.  

Topics covered this week:

•Triple Force Friday

•Hasbro Pulse

•The Retro Collection

•Black Series HyperReal 

•Black Series

•Celebration Chicago Phantom Menace Exclusives

•The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set

•The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Tatooine Skiff Vehicle

Thank you SO much to those of you that weighed in on all of this news via social media, it really helped us grasp what is behind some of these reveals. Keep the feedback coming via Twitter and Facebook or follow the link to our website for email info!


January 22, 2019

While Mac heads to Walt Disney World for one last romp before Galaxy’s Edge makes that resort the most crowded place in the galaxy, the show is going to be on a bit of a hiatus for a couple more weeks. Never fear though, we still have a ton of ACTION FIGURE THERAPY for you to discover here on our site!

First up, we released two new videos on our YouTube channel. The first is our review of the Kessel Mines Playset from Solo: A Star Wars Story. The second video is a look back at Walt Disney World merchandise from The Force Awakensreleased back at the beginning of 2016 (hard to believe we’re in Year Four of the Disney-Star Wars era!).

Head over to our Collector’s Spotlightpage for a Power of the Force collection with some killer lighting.

While we’re talking about Power of the Force, our last episode was all about the vehiclesfrom that awesome line of Star Wars toys from the 90’s. Give it a listen and let us know what you think about these first updates to the vehicles we first saw back in the old Kenner days. And be sure to check out our Link: Our Power of the Force Appreciation Pagetoo!

Based on the weather in our New England and Ontario bureaus, winter is here! What better time to grab your AT-AT, Tauntauns and Snowspeeders and PLAY OUTSIDE!Take some photos of your toys in the snow and send them to us (see above this article for our email link).

For our long-time listeners this will be old news but it’s been one year since we attended the Hollywood premiere of Making Fun: The Story of Funko!.If you are a newer listener we thought you might like to see and hear our experience out in LA-LA-Land.

Thanks, and as a certain mouse would say, “See ya real soon!”

-Dan & Mac


Happy 2019! It’s our first show of the new year and we start off with a BIG announcement!  We are pleased to announce that we are now a part of the Star Wars Commonwealth Podcast Network

We catch up on some quick news and discuss our busy (at least Star Wars type of busy) Christmas breaks as Dan begins to process all of the Power of the Force figures and vehicles that he’s been picking up and Mac takes another step forward with his Star Wars room and especially his Rebel base diorama.  

We get back into our ongoing retrospective of the Power of the Force line from the 1990’s and talk about all of the vehicles that were released for the line.  Have a memory or story of any of these vehicles? Drop us an email or DM us on Twitter and we’ll read them on the next show.  As always we’ve included a mix of 90’s era music in this episode and you can see the entire playlist on our Facebook page.   Thanks to for their always thorough archives and information.  

Link: Mac’s Rebel Base diorama & updated Star Wars room photos

Link: Dan’s Falcon Unboxing Video

Link: Dan’s POTF2 Christmas Gifts

Link: Rebelscum Archive

Link: Our Power of the Force Appreciation Page


December 22, 2018

With Christmas 2018 being the first one since 2015 without a new Star Wars movie to go see we talk about what that’s been like for us.  We’ve done 3 reaction shows to the Star Wars sequels, listen here:    

In “I Wanted Everything” Mac goes through an awesome care package sent by Dan for Mac’s birthday (and Christmas)- Dan’s is in the mail, trust us.  Dan has picked up a fairly rare piece of Power of the Force merchandise and we ask the question: Where are all the photos of Power of the Force in stores????? 

Thankyou to everyone that sent in their “pet horror stories.”  

We then take a look back at the best Star Wars figures released in 2018.

Check out our friend, Rex On Leave, and his amazing Christmas Clone Wars display. And here’s the photo of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler that our buddy Dan from New Jersey tagged us in that we talked about.

Photos of Solo: A Star Wars Story Kessel Mine Escape Walmart Exclusive playset from Chris Salton’s Facebook page

Share your Christmas morning Star Wars loot with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag: #IWantedEverything

Let’s see your action figures in action  as we extend Play Outside through the winter!  And if you would like to have your Star Wars collection featured on our Collector’s Spotlight let us know! Email below.

As 2018 winds down we would like to thank everyone that has interacted with us, either by downloading our show or reaching out on social media.  We appreciate you very much and wish you the best of everything in 2019!


December 2, 2018

Dengar Dan is back from his self-imposed exile and we catch up on all the Star Wars figure collecting news from the past month or two.  From reader feedback to news of Disney Mini Droid Blind Packs it’s a show jam-packed of Action Figure Therapy!  

Our “I Wanted Everything” segment is a big one this week as we both received Star Wars awesomeness from Japan, Dan talks about a co-worker’s attic that is supposedly filled with retro toys and he picks up maybe his favourite Black Series figure ever and Mac has stocked up big time with new Star Wars figures.

We have a funny story this week from listener Dan and taking his suggestion we thought we’d put it to our listeners: Has your pet done something horrible to your collection?  Tag us on social media with your “Pet Horror Story” or email to and we’ll read them.

We both have some updates on our Star Wars rooms as Mac makes some decisions on posters and Dan is basically starting over.  Yup you heard that right.  Always in motion is the Star Wars room.  

This is the diorama builder that Mac couldn’t recall the name of: The Budget Jedi.

The Christmas season has begun and it’s a good time to go through your carded collection and maybe donate some of the toys you’ve picked up over the years.  Speaking of toy drives, friend of the show and WWF Superstar, Zach Ryder is sponsoring his own toy drive: See the flyer below or CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Click here for photos of a pretty awesome looking Japanese tapestry.


November 15, 2018

While Dan takes some time off, Mac welcomes Aaron Harris & Dan Zehr from the Coffee With Kenobi podcast network and website to talk about favourite Star Wars merchandise found in the Disney Parks. 

But first we talk to Aaron and Dan about their Star Wars collecting in a double-sized Collector’s Spotlight. You can check out the photos that we talk about here. 

The great thing about Star Wars is people’s stories behind why they love it and what they collect from it and this week’s Spotlight is a great example of that as we see two very different Star Wars collecting stories.

We then talk about our favourite merchandise that we have picked up over the years from Disney Parks and we agree that Star Wars and Disney have been connected for much longer than 2012 when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. 

A big thanks to Aaron and Dan for filling in while Dengar Dan was off, be sure to check them out:

Aaron Harris

Resistance Reactions

Dan Zehr

Coffee With Kenobi

Here’s the video we mentioned on the show of “Endor Vendors”, the store found at Star Tours in Walt Disney World. Shot by Mac in 1997, it shows just how different Star Wars merchandising has changed over the years within the Disney Parks.