The Power of the Force Appreciation Page!

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Star Wars Power of the Force, the greatest action figure line to ever have been made. My love for these will be eternal and nobody can change my mind. While people goo goo and ga ga over The Vintage Collection, I am over here shaking my head and thinking about the glory years that were the mid to late 90’s. These were MY first Star Wars figures and will always be tops on the food chain.

--Dengar Dan

 So in honor of our ongoing podcast devotion to these figures and a new page on this very site, we are doing a little Power of the Force give back. Send us pictures or video (or tag us on social media) of your Power of the Force collection (strictly Power of the Force or POTF2 for you uninitiated). Three winners will be selected throughout the upcoming weeks and we will help you fill in a Power of the Force action figure hole in your collection.


Our Power of the Force series begins with Episode #48:  The Greatest Action Figure Line Ever Created. We cover the first wave of modern Star Wars action figures.

In Episode #50: Tarkin's Knee Holes, we take a look at Wave 2. At only three figures in total it's a small wave but a powerful one featuring X-wing Pilot Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian.


In Episode #53 Dan shares a great memory of his POTF Yoda figure. 




@RexOnLeave returns to The Sandcrawler with a look at his extensive Power of the Force collection!  Lots of Red Card/Green Card goodness and some 12 inch figures to boot!  And how about a shout out to the Special Edition creature sets: Ronto, Dewback and Jabba the Hutt! 

David Fronsee (@photofronz)

The Power of the Force Cinema Scenes sets came with great display stands that held multiple figures.




Jay Roy unboxes some Italian Power of the Force figures!


Thanks to Ryan Holman for getting things started with this hilarious video!


An amazing carded/packaged collection from Steven Chopchik


Dengar Dan's Power of the Force poster


Mac's Power of the Force focus in his Star Wars room.

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