Take your Star Wars figures outside, like when we were kids.

If you are a Star Wars action figure collector, you owe it to yourself to occasionally take your figures off the shelf and relive your childhood by actually playing with them.  Oh sure, you can bring a camera along with you to justify your actions to other adults but between us it’s just fun. Try it! It's not always about photographic skills either.  It's about having fun with our toys.  

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Our good buddy, Jake Stevens sends us a few quick photos he took during a bbq.  It's that simple! Heading outside? Grab a Star Wars figure or two.  Jake has chosen two creepy and bug-like characters, Moloch from Solo: A Star Wars Story and the bounty hunter, 4-LOM.  These two might carry blasters but at least they won't sting or bite you!  Check out the eerie green glow that's just peeking through 4-LOM's eyes. A really fun feature in the Black Series version.  Jake's dog seems to have taken an interest in the bounty hunter too.  With all the brown grass surrounding Moloch, he looks even more like a locust or grasshopper.  

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Our good friend (and the voice you hear at the beginning of each episode) Chris Hamilton, took these adorable pics of his equally adorable daughter, "T" who is 6 years old.   We aren't entirely sure which part of canon her action figure choices are from but hey, it's Star Wars!  Bonus points for the turret behind the AT-AT.  Maybe the gang in the walker went for a stroll to Vader's castle?

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Bounty Hunters On the Beach

Big thanks to Gretchen Winkler for being our first guest post to Play Outside!  

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Location: Beach on Lake Huron, Pinery Provincial Park, Grand Bend Ontario


Han Solo and Chewbacca receive a very special cargo from another smuggler only to find out that it's a shipment intended for Jabba the Hut (spelling and figure used are intentional).  Having messed up one too many deals for the crime lord, Solo is confronted by Jabba and his goons to informs Solo just what's at stake.  

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