Vintage Collection Tatooine Skiff

2018 and 2019 have been great years for Star Wars vehicles and play sets. Starting with the Solo: A Star Wars Story Vandor and Kessel play sets and then into Hasbro’s “Haslab” Jabba’s Sail Barge and Jabba’s Palace Playset, we have been getting fun environments for our Star Wars figures and in some cases just an amazing amount of detail and craftsmanship. A great compliment to Jabba’s Sail Barge and a great piece just on it’s own is The Vintage Collection Tatooine Skiff. It features removable floor plates revealing intricate details, a realistic paint app throughout and a unique displaying feature using clear rods and and a plastic faux-sand environment as a base. One negative would be that there are no foot pegs for figures which means the vehicle will need to be displayed in a flat, horizontal position which is a shame because the support rods allow the vehicle to be pivoted. Figure stands or pliable, non-stick putty can solve this problem though so it’s not a deal breaker. There are also pivoting steering veins and a pull-out gang plank for Luke Skywalker to jump from and a removable side railing that mimics the wiring and rope that Lando Calrissian dangled from when he was nearly lost to the Sarlaac.

The Star Wars Vintage Collection Tatooine Skiff is a must have! Listen to us talk about it and other Triple Force Friday releases below:

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My Little Blue/Green Friend-Watto Prototype

One of the best Star Wars action figures to come out of the Phantom Menace collection back in 1999 was the Toydarian junk dealer, Watto. The detailing that Hasbro used on this figure was outstanding and captured pretty much every detail about the character, from his protruding tusk to his wings, to his webbed feet. One thing that we’ve never been able to understand is why was the figure released with green skin instead of his onscreen blue skin? Adding to the mystery are the photos you see below; sent to us by listener Mike Onofrio of his prototype Watto figure. Mike’s prototype is blue and although Hasbro corrected Watto’s colour in later versions of the figure we are scratching our heads over why Hasbro decided to not make Watto screen accurate in his original release. Big thanks to Mike for sending these photos along, it’s a fantastic piece of history of one of the more unique characters in the Star Wars universe.

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Lighting Up Jabba’s Sail Barge

Mark Peirson was one of the lucky people to have “backed the Barge” and is the proud owner of Hasbro’s first HasLab project: The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Ketanna). The vehicle is extremely cool as it is but Mark has taken it a step further and has added lighting to the inside of Jabba’s favourite recreational vehicle. We asked Mark a few question about this, which you can read after the photos below:

What type of lighting did you use?

Michaels has battery-operated lights that come in 5 or ten foot strands and they have a button you can try so I went with soft white and it was 11 dollars. They also had blue so I’m hoping to try some stuff with the Millennium Falcon.

It’s addictive, isn’t it?

Yes! The only reason I'm doing it is that I was listening to back episodes of your show and then looking at some of your pictures I got a big time itch. Now I'm loading up on craft items like I'm an art teacher!

How did you secure the lights to the plastic?

I used an art putty tack that you can roll into tiny balls and push the wire in the rafters so the only wire you see comes from the battery pack but it's not so noticeable.  And you can take it off anytime. I might start using it as a base for some of the figures that can’t stand on their own.

There are lights in the cockpit as well. Did you use more than one set of lights?

It’s all one set. The wire is thin but holds its shape so it worked out great. I had to just feed it In between rooms and the door ways. I was hoping not to do that but once I did you couldn’t notice it. I was even able to fish it behind the dungeon and close the door with no issue.


Luke Skywalker 100th Action Collection Figure

On Episode 74-Wookiee Hugs Mac talked about a recent find: a Power of the Jedi Luke Skywalker 12 inch figure (Official Name: Luke Skywalker Power of the Jedi Action Collection 100th 12-inch Action Figure).   As a lover of all things X-wing Luke it was a fine addition to his collection and it’s a fantastic set with tons of cool accessories, click through our album and see for yourself. But more importantly it turned into a conversation about the larger scale figures in general and their place in both host’s collecting history.  It’s a fun conversation about dads and sons.  Find it at  0:19:05 below. 


"Retro Collection" Escape From Death Star Board Game and Exclusive Tarkin Action Figure

Announced at New York Toy Fair in early 2019, the “Retro” Escape From the Death Star board game began hitting Target stores in April.  Although the game will be available at multiple retailers, Target has an exclusive version that includes a brand new Grand Moff Tarkin action figure inspired by the original Kenner line of toys from the 70’s and 80’s. 

Although Tarkin has been released in several different modern sculpts this is the first time the main villain of the original Star Wars (yes, Tarkin and NOT Vader-we’ll argue that point anytime) has been available in that iconic vintage style from our childhoods.  The front of the card the figure is on also reflects the old Kenner cards (and the modern The Vintage Collection line) while the cardback shows additional figures from this “Retro” line. 

Tarkin is only available with the board game so if you want to add him to your collection it will cost you $20 USD.  

We’ve taken an original version of the Canadian release of the board game (bought from an antique store years ago) and compared it to the new one.   Apart from our original having a hand written note, scribbled on the inside of the box decades ago by an obviously very organized child, the new Retro-inspired version is nearly identical to its 1977 counterpart. Hasbro has even added “wear and tear” graphics to the packaging to simulate the well worn one that may have been sitting on your shelf for over 40 years.    You can also see this article on our vintage Star Wars page.

Click on any image below to see full-size and in slideshow mode:

Disney Parks Exclusive Sandcrawler

April 2019

On Episode 71 we did an in-depth review of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler that was released in Fall of 2018. Listen to the entire episode below and watch the video review version as well. Here are some hi-res, close up photos of this giant of a vehicle. If you are visiting a Disney Park or have the Disney Parks app do yourself a favour and grab one of these. For $99.99US it’s a great value.

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Kessel Mine Play set

The Kessel Mine Playset from Solo: A Star Wars Story is a great display piece and a pretty fair play set for kids. Recalling the Palitoy Death Star play set from the vintage Kenner days, the Kessel Mine play set features 360 degree play area with a few fun features thrown in too. Check out our gallery of photos below or watch our full review video here.


Making Things Right

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story we discover that the flaw in the Death Star’s construction was placed by one of it’s engineers, Galen Erso, father of Jyn Erso. In order to get word to the Rebellion about the Death Star, Galen confides in lowly cargo pilot, Bohdi Rook to deliver his message to Saw Gerrera. There is a great scene where Bohdi shares with Jyn that he was inspired by her father to take a stand against the Empire by “making it right.”

In these photos, we’ve tried to recreate that conversation between Bohdi and Galen. Apart from the two characters, there is a second cargo pilot which was created by swapping heads with a second Rook figure and a Bala-Tik figure. The background is a turned over AT-AT.


Disney Mini Droid Blind Pack Unboxing Photos

Sandcrawler friend and listener NJ_Tree has found the Disney Star Wars Mini Droid Blind Packs at his Disney Store in New Jersey and he has some great unboxing photos of what looks to be a really fun, new collectible. The droids are smaller than a regular 3.75 action figure as you can see in the photo with the Force Link Jyn Erso. Also, the detailing on the Sandcrawler packaging/box is very nice and looks much like the old Kenner vehicle. If you have a droid focus or a Jawa/sandcrawler focus (ahem, like a certain podcast we know of) then these blind packs are for you.

The Force Awakens Japanese Tapestry

As heard on Episode 65 Mac received a gift from a co-worker: a tapestry showing characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that he brought back with him from Japan. This is just a super-cool item. It’s roughly 3 feet long and as you can see in the album below, it is full of vibrant, primary colours and depictions of Kylo Ren, First Order troopers, BB-8, See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo in a stylized, animated form. It’s going to look great in the Star Wars room! Thanks again to Rich and check out his Instagram account for awesome photos from his trip to Japan. Thanks again, Rich!

Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon (The “BMF”)

A Photo series by michael ahumada

What ship is the most iconic in Star Wars? Some would argue the X-wing or TIE fighter. Others might say that an Imperial Star Destroyer fits that bill.  Maybe the most iconic is that fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, The Millennium Falcon.  Toy collectors have gotten many incarnations of Han Solo's starship dating back to the original Kenner line all the way up to The Force Awakens and Solo: A Star Wars Story but the one version that beats them all is the Legacy Collection version, more commonly known as the "Big Millennium Falcon" or "BMF. "   This monster of a toy is scaled much more realistically than previous versions and has sound and light features that will make the kid in you squeal with delight.  

We welcome Michael Ahumada to our "Modern Plastic Goodness" page as he provides amazingly realistic close up views of the Falcon.  We'll be posting some additional photos that Michael sent our way in the future which feature action figures interacting with the Falcon but for now enjoy this unique perspective of an amazing toy.  Thanks Michael! 


Disney Parks Exclusives-The Last Jedi Droid Factory

If you know anything about my collecting habits you know that I have a soft spot (read: obsession) for astromech droids.  When Disney introduced Droid Factory kiosks in their parks I made sure to come home with at least a couple new models every time I visit them.  I’ve also managed to pick up the park exclusive sets of pre-made droids ever since Disney started releasing them for The Force Awakens.  When Dan and I flew out to California for the World Premiere of Funko’s “Making Fun:The Story of Funko” documentary we made a stop at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney shopping area.  

On display at the enormous “World of Disney” store were the latest Droid Factory exclusives for The Last Jedi. A four-pack of BB series droids and a two-pack of R4 droids.  Unlike the “build it yourself” kiosk found at Disney Springs in Orlando, Disneyland’s Downtown Disney only has the carded figures available. You have to enter the Magic Kingdom itself to find a kiosk.  

The detail on both sets are pretty great.  I especially love the “head tattoo” on Y5-X2 where he’s sporting a rebel alliance logo.  The BB-series set features not only BB-8 but First Order baddy, BB-9E and a couple other models. There are four parts for each of the BB series figures: head, bottom and top of main body and a weighted “ball” that sits inside the body and gives the figure a “Weebles” feel where it will rock back and forth but not actually tip over.  Check out the photo of this ball and you’ll see the crazy amount of detail included with it, right down to green and red “lights.”  The Droid Factory versions are also slightly larger than the BB-8 figure that was released for The Force Awakens.  The scale might be off a bit but I prefer this larger size.

If you want to expand your droid army, as I have, you really MUST pick up the Disney Parks Droid Factory exclusives.           



Chewie's Campfire On Ahch-To

At the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens we see Rey leave Chewbacca and Artoo-Detoo with the Millennium Falcon as she begins here trek up the "Jedi Steps"  for her fateful meeting with Luke Skywalker.  During Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Chewbacca makes the best of the situation by sitting at a campfire while Luke enters the Falcon for the first time in many years.  This is a set of photos Mike took which recreates this scene, minus Chewie cooking his dinner of BBQ porg (the little critters just aren't easy to find as this post goes live).   Click here for a video of this scene. 

Toys used in creating the diorama include:

Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon (aka "BMF")

Kenner Dagobah playset

Black Series 3.75 Chewbacca from The Force Awakens

Campfire accessory from a vintage Kenner Ewok Village playset

Chewbacca's "firestick" is from the "Jedi Exile" Luke Skywalker figure from The Last Jedi.

The "ground" is a mat of moss found in the Nativity section of a Christmas store. 


Funko’s New Headquarters!

A huge thank you to Jake Stevens of the Toy Run Podcast and the website From4LomToZuckuss for sending us some unbelievable photos from the brand new Funko HQ located in Everett, Washington. This certainly looks like an unbelievable shopping and fan experience. It has quickly found its way onto our bucket lists! Thanks again Jake! 

Also cool to note that they sell convention and other store exclusives at Funko HQ! Perks for living in the area!

The Helmet of Tycho Celchu

No, this isn't the title of some obscure old Expanded Universe story this is a simple tribute to the amazing design of the Hasbro Star Wars Thirtieth Anniversary Tycho Celchu helmet.  I'm not even sure who this character is in the Star Wars universe but as someone who collects all things rebel pilot I quickly added him to my collection when I found him at a comic store for $3.00 CDN.   The design of the A-wing pilot helmet is very different from the X-wing and Y-wing versions so already it's a unique look with it's almost full faceplate that is tinted a very vibrant yellow.  What makes this Star Wars figure's helmet accessory so awesome is the paint scheme.  It has it all:  weathering, burn marks, multiple colours and a very unique Rebel Alliance symbol on the back with what appears to be flames springing from it.  There's even some form of writing on the one side of the helmet.  Seriously, I don't know who this guy is but clearly he has to be as colourful and cocky a character as his helmet implies.  


Resistance A-Wing Fighter From The Last Jedi

I was weak.  I said I wasn't going to buy the Resistance A-Wing Fighter from The Las t Jedi but I just couldn't resist.  It's got a great paint scheme, especially down the front of the vehicle where it looks nearly hand painted.  There is great detail on the rear, behind the cockpit.  The cockpit itself, although only one colour, is very detailed.  Throw in an exclusive pilot figure, "Tallie" and I just couldn't say no! 


Listen to the guys talk about this on The Sandcrawler #37-Jetpacks, Baby!


Funko POP! The Last Jedi

The Porg Pop! Are fantastic and Mac is lying when he says he doesn’t want any. I can’t believe I lucked out and found both Chase Pop in the stores. --Dan

Fine, I like the resistance BB unit. His head looks like a propane stove or something. --Mike



Hera and Luke take the award for my favorites from the first 2 waves. I hope you all enjoy! -Dan




Big thanks to Target for sending us the exclusive Funko POP! Red Classic Stormtrooper! We are giving one away on our next show.  If you submitted a photo on Twitter and tagged us in it, you'll want to tune into our NEXT SHOW to see if you've won!  Tweets had to have been submitted by midnight EST, Wednesday, September 20, 2017.    

UPDATE: FRIDAY OCTOBER 13, 2016--The winner has not contacted us so we have picked a new winner this week!  Listen to SHOW #36 of The Sandcrawler beginning Saturday October 14, 2017 to see if it's you!!!  



Hasbro's The Last Jedi 3.75 Basic Line-First Impressions

MIKE:  I picked up just a few of the figures available on Force Friday, but so far I love what I'm seeing.  Hasbro keeps improving the sculpts on the figures to the point where I'm (almost) over the fact that they only have five points of articulation.  Standouts so far for me are the new-look See-Threepio who's paint job, although not vac-mettalized is the best looking version we've seen in a long time.  The mouse droid added into the General Hux package is a welcome change from the weird weapons that we saw with The Force Awakens basic line.  The removable mask that comes with Paige is very difficult to attach to the face, it needs a sturdier plastic I think but it's great that her helmet is removable and has a see-through visor.  So far though, the Rathtar/Bala-Tik set is the stand out for me.  This thing is ridiculously fun!!  


ToysRUs Canada-Force Friday II


Black Series 6 Inch San Diego Comic Con Exclusives!

Hey everyone! Dan here with a little look at the recent SDCC Black Series exclusives. I have the Luke and Rey two-pack and the Thrawn figure. Gots to say, I really love the look of these and all the past exclusive packaging. I am kicking myself for not picking up the SDCC Landspeeder at the same time, I don't know what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking. Anyway, first up is the Luke and Rey two-pack. 

Cool to see a new mold and costume on Rey, and can't complain about finally having a Old Man Luke figure! Both look great. I love the packaging and dust cover. The soft goods for Luke's cape are a big plus, no saber is sad. He better use a lightsaber in the movie. Lots of weapons to choose from for Rey which is a nice touch.

Thrawn. For those of you who listen to The Sandcrawler Podcast, you know Mac and I aren't the world's biggest Thrawn fans. Welp. That might have changed for me. It has nothing to do with Thrawn. Solid figure, looks great. It has everything to do with the packaging and all the accessories that this figure came with. 

Highlights of the accessories:

  • Jedi Temple Guard Helmet that fits Kanan like a glove.

  • The Holy Grail from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I got tingly writing that.

  • Clone Commander Gree Helmet

I am glad I got these when I did, and I certainly don't regret it! Great figures continuing the solid convention Black Series exclusives. All three of these figures will be released as single boxed numbered Black Series figures during the year! 



Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels Episode 13-Favourite Star Wars Figures

Mac was a guest on  STARSHIP, SABERS & SCOUNDRELS to talk about some of his favourite Star Wars action figures.  Here's some of the one's he picked.