Star Wars room


Just a couple quick little videos to show some projects I’ve been working on. The first is a 360 view of my Star Wars room including a few displays that are in desperate need of being put back together. In the second video, I installed some IKEA lighting in a few of my displays. I still need to hide the wiring down the one wall (all the excess wiring is inside the body of that Imperial Walker).

LED light eyes mod for Power of the Force Jawa figures

The Jawa figure from the Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force or POTF2 line has a great feature where it's eyes light up when a light is shone into the top of the "window" or "light port" on top of the figure's head. I used dollar store LED string lights and modded 4 Jawa figures so their eyes light up with the push of a button. I have them displayed towards the back of the inside of the Disney parks sandcrawler playset, which I also added lights to. Check out our review of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler play set that is featured in this video:

Jawas Social Link.JPG