January 2019

Star Wars-wise, the end of 2018 was a busy time for me as I spent a ton of time with my collection. I accomplished two things;  I did some real diorama work on my Rebel base display, which you can see and read about BELOW and second, I more or less “finalized” the big renovation that started back in September.  That was when I swapped out a bunch of mismatched, old bookcases for new white ones.  See that transformation below as well.  

Between that big move and the expansion of my Rebel base display, I spent the past few weeks basically finding a home for everything again.  And also coming up with plans for the future as I’m just about out of display space in my Star Wars room.  

One thing that is different from the “old” room and the “new” room is that for the most part I eliminated much of the background items I normally used on my various shelves.  So instead of artwork or prints or advertising, most of the shelves just feature action figures on a white background.  The main reason I did this was simply to get the figures back on display as quick as possible when I swapped out the old furniture for new.  What I found with this starker look is that I’ve come to appreciate the action figures themselves as they just stand out better against a white backdrop.  

I don’t intend on keeping things like this, however as I’m already getting the itch to create environments for the figures (I’m looking at you Rogue One Scarif display!)

I’ll be taking my time doing this though, I’m still enjoying the new bookcases and will revisit each display as I’m able to.  

It’s been a long journey getting my Star Wars room to this point, thanks for listening to Dan and I on the podcast as we talk about stuff like this and I hope you enjoy the photos.  Please share your Star Wars room with us!

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FALL 2018

On Episode 61: Changing How We Collect V2.0 we celebrate two years since starting The Sandcrawler. We take the opportunity to discuss how we have changed our collecting habits as Star Wars collectors. While Dan is sitting on a giant pile of purchases and isn’t sure where to move forward in his Star Wars room I took advantage of the Labour Day Weekend to replace my mismatched book cases with the help of friend of the show, Ryan Holman, with bright, shiny, white IKEA Billy bookcases. Here’s a look at that process as I moved my figures around, and began to re-appreciate much of my collection.

Click here for a thread of tweets thatI did one night as I was putting my figures back on display.


I’m an original trilogy era kid who saw Star Wars for the first time with my brother and aunt in the summer of 1977 <Listen to our origin stories here>. I was nine and a half at the time and like so many other kids I was all in when in came to Star Wars and all the merchandise that went along with it. By the time Empire Strikes Back hit theatres in 1980 i was almost 13 years old and although I loved the movie, I wasn’t playing with toys any more and had moved on to punk rock, Maple Leafs hockey and girls. It wasn’t until the Power of the Force launch in 1995 that Star Wars toys became a part of my life again. In 2001 I moved my small collection into a spare room in my house and the rest is history.  You can see how the room started out as a tv room where I was given explicit instructions by my wife and my mother in law that certain items had to remain.  Things like lamps, photo albums, a couch. Over the past 18 years those requirements were given up on as my collection grew. 

These photos are from 2001 to maybe 2012 are a good example of how my collecting slowly began to grow. To see my Star Wars room how it looks today, click here.