Customizing ACtion Figures

LED light eyes mod for Power of the Force Jawa figures

The Jawa figure from the Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force or POTF2 line has a great feature where it's eyes light up when a light is shone into the top of the "window" or "light port" on top of the figure's head. I used dollar store LED string lights and modded 4 Jawa figures so their eyes light up with the push of a button. I have them displayed towards the back of the inside of the Disney parks sandcrawler playset, which I also added lights to. Check out our review of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler play set that is featured in this video:

Jawas Social Link.JPG

R2-BBQ ACTION FIGURE from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Ever since Ron Howard showed us a short video of one of the sets on Solo: A Star Wars Story, people were enamoured with that one astromech droid that had been repurposed as a fire barrel.  When I saw it I just wanted to know when we would get the action figure for it.  Well, it’s been almost a year since Solo: A Star Wars Story hit theatres and with no sign of “R2-BBQ” in the toy aisle I went ahead and tried to build a figure myself.

I used a Disney Droid Factory astromech body and legs. With the head removed I had to remove the part that is normally hidden by the dome.  It’s a cool little piece of plastic that shows the innards of an astromech. It also houses the dome peg needed to attach a dome to the body.  

I held the astromech in place with a vice and after removing the middle leg, tapped up through the body with a screwdriver and hammer. The dome peg popped out fairly easily, although the screwdriver and hammer did break the bracket that holds the legs and dome peg inside the body.  Not a big deal since I was repurposing the droid anyway.  I took the body apart, added legs and then hot glued the legs into the body. The glue also helped in holding the two parts of the body together.  

Next was to try to cut holes into the front “arms” of the droid as seen on screen.  It was suggested that a heated blade could probably cut the small, straight indents on the body but I didn’t have anything on hand to do that so I took the smallest drill bit I had and drilled a hole into it.  My plan was to slowly work across the front detail until it was removed, like a dremel.  Unfortunately that didn’t work and the drill ended up cracking the plastic and making a hole much bigger than I intended.  I made one other hole on the front bottom since the screen version has a few different holes.   The end result still looks pretty cool, although not as screen accurate.  

Finished “R2-BBQ”

I painted a black wash over it to give it a used and beat up look.  Using a string of battery operated LED lights, I strung two bulbs into the droid and then using the rest of the string for the remainder of a diorama I was working on.  Then I glued the droid into place in the diorama. For flames I found some plastic versions from an old LEGO castle set that belonged to my son.  Those are just poked in to the top.  The lights are small enough but still bright enough to light up the inside of the body and the flames as well.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 1.50.21 PM.png