Beginning an Echo Base Diorama

After finally getting over my fear of creating a new section of my Rebel base that wasn’t themed like the rest, and on advice of Dan, I’ve decided to put the Echo Base and Hoth figures that I’ve accumulated into an actual display. This is just a rough look at what I would like to do with it, let’s call this the “pre-vis” version. I recently picked up an incomplete Power of the Force electronic X-wing fighter and between that and pulling my vintage Kenner snow speeder from its vintage spot I have enough ships to make this relatively small space look busy (it’s amazing how quick space fills up on a display space!).

I’m not 100% sure of how it’s going to turn out but some things I want to do with are:

  1. Have a med centre for Luke and the bacta tank.

  2. Have a control room

  3. Create a control booth similar to what is in the queue area of Star Tours at Walt Disney World.