January 2019

During the 2018 Christmas break I finally spent some time with a glue gun, various pieces of junk, craft foam bricks and a bunch of Star Wars figures and took my Rebel Base display to the next level (for me anyway). Last September I did my first diorama that involved creating walls and more of a realistic environment by creating a docking bay for my Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon.  The plan this time was to make a walled in rebel Command Centre and a pilot ready room. 

I’m pretty happy with the results as I was able to create adjoining rooms, separated by a window. I also incorporated battery operated LED light strings for some ambient lighting.  I think the final product turned out pretty good, although I learned a lot along the way so when I start another project I may revisit this one.  My main concern is that the ready room is a little difficult to see behind the command centre but I set up the rooms in a way that would let me have more space for the Force Awakens X-wing that I weathered and other displays.  

One thing I didn’t count on at this point was to expand the rebel base display into another shelf but I was pretty psyched after finishing the two rooms so I have (for now) a rough idea of my next project: a display based on  the rebels hideout on Hoth: Echo Base.