We have had the pleasure of attending some very cool events since starting The Sandcrawler.  From Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 to a Hollywood movie premiere to various cons, we feel very lucky to have been a part of the collecting community (and not just Star Wars)  and to have met some very cool people!


New York Toy Fair 2018

Dan checked out New York Toy Fair in February 2018 and can report that Star Wars merchandising is alive and well (like there was any doubt).  Although Hasbro wasn't at the main event, housing their booths at a different location, as you can see there is a lot of non-action figure Star Wars to look forward to including a giant display from Funko.  The big news for us was of course action figure related as Hasbro announced Haslab: it's crowd funding project to bring a huge 3.75 inch scale Jabba's Sail Barge into collectors' hands.  Listen to Dan and Mac discuss New York Toy Fair and the Hasbro announcements:



September 2017 found Dan at Hasbro's own con: Hascon.  Billed as an event that "Will Bring Fans and Families Together for Three Days of Immersive Entertainment Experiences, Talent and Character Appearances, Panels and More" the event was a success! You can hear Dan's report as well as a few other topics here:


New York Comic Con 2017

If you're new to The Sandcrawler podcast then a little bit of background is needed.  Many things happened at New York Comic Con in October 2017 but the only thing you need to know is it is the day that Dengar Dan Lizotte was in attendance thanks to Funko so that he could help launch the official release of the Dengar Funko POP!  Check out the whole story here and then come back and listen to us discuss New York Comic Con and The Last Jedi Trailer.  Whew! Now THAT'S a weekend!


Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

What one word could sum up an event like Star Wars Celebration? How about amazing?  Dan and Mac both attended their first ever Star Wars Celebration in April of 2017 and in fact it was the first time they ever met face to face since starting the Sandcrawler over 6 months before.  We met so many great people that we had only known through social media and made new friends along the way.  We were also thrilled to be an official supporter of the event!  When's the next one??????   Listen to our build up to the big weekend and then our thoughts as we decompress in these episodes:

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