Dan’s Star Wars Room Origin Story

Where to begin? 

I started remodeling my basement in September of 2012. My wife had a bun in the oven at the time and on Feb 23 I was framing walls and the First Lady told me it was go time. There, the tools and supplies lay untouched for 7 months.

Then it was finally go time, my son was a puddle of poo and spit and slept every three hours.  I did everything myself minus the electrical work. I don’t like being zapped; it stays in your funny bone for a long time. I needed to finish my one piece of the house I had control of.

The Force Awakens was fast approaching and the combo sports and Star Wars room needed to be complete. Yep, I said Sports. I have a lot of sports memorabilia. It had its spot in the basement for a while. I mean I am a Boston Sports fan; alot of championships are represented on them thar walls.

When I finished it I had many o’ conversations with Mac about my yin and yang with the sports and the Star Wars. As you can see from the photos, it was going to be just Funko POP! and Star Wars Black Series and the odds and ends I had collected along the way. 

That lasted maybe 3 months.

I originally wasn’t going to be collecting everything Star Wars. I’ve clearly lied about that. If you’ve heard the story, you know I lost my entire childhood collection due to the bank taking my mom’s house. I swore I wouldn’t rebuy everything. <Listen to our origin stories here>.

I lied again.

So now the basement is all Star Wars, but only stuff that means something to me. Not to say I wouldn’t buy a lot more stuff but I gotta control it somehow. So now I’m in the midst of another complete revamp and I am slowly getting my collection how I envision it in my head. 

Did you know display cases and figure stands really break the bank?  

Stay tuned for more.