Rick Figueroa

Rick Figueroa sent us these great photos of his vintage Kenner collection and tells us:

“Hey Sandcrawler Podcast,
Just wanted to share a little part of my collection. It all started as a young me of 7 saw Darth Vader at a store when my mom went grocery shopping. Since then, I collected everything, but all my figures were stolen and my ships and displays were destroyed. Well it took me years later to recollect what I lost, but even better. So here is one room finished and ready for display. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for your show.”

Thanks for the photos, Rick! We love how you’ve kept your vintage collectibles all in one space: a great homage to where Star Wars collecting started. What really highlights just how long Star Wars has been a part of our lives is the very not-vintage Star Wars Resistance-themed carpet that sits in front of the vintage display.

Forty-plus years of Star Wars, all in one photo.

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Greg Armstrong's Collection

There’s just something cool about someone’s Star Wars collection filling nearly every corner of a room. And having a couple other pop culture collections really makes Greg’s collection a real pop culture shrine.

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Tom boone's fabulous star wars site

Tom Boone is a long time Star Wars collector who has put together an amazing collection that he showcases on his website, Tom’s Fabulous Star Wars Collection. Rather than sampling some photos of his collection for you we’re just going to point you towards his website where he not only updates his collection (a man after our own hearts) but has posted articles about what’s on his mind, Star Wars room-wise. One of the best things about being a Star Wars collector is meeting like-minded fans. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

Nigel Cox and his Boba Fettish

On the podcast we talk a lot about sticking to a focus when collecting Star Wars. This collection from Nigel Cox takes that focus to the next level as he not only collects mainly Boba Fett merchandise but his social media accounts reflect that too. You might say it’s a…fettish. We say it’s a great looking collection. Follow Nigel on Instagram and Twitter.

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Brandon Knapp Cantina Diorama

Brandon Knapp tells us this is his first crack at making a diorama and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with for number 2! There’s a lot to love about this set up including using wood for the walls which will make it very strong and stable, unlike foam board. It also gives him an extra display surface for the Disney Parks Sandcrawler. The lighting is just moody enough to recreate the hive of scum and villainy and check out the pieces of LEGO he used for the drink dispensers! Check out Brandon’s entire collection here.

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John's Pop Culture House

We have featured quite a few Star Wars collections here on our Spotlight page but none quite like John Hermesmeyer’s.  First of all it isn’t limited to one room, his entire house is filled with Star Wars goodness. Secondly, he doesn’t limit himself to just Star Wars.  His collection is really an awesome collection of pop culture, and rather than having us try to describe it just look at the photos.  In our best Darth Vader voice may we just say, Impressive John. Most impressive.  

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You’ve heard us talk about her many times on the show, our good friend, Erin Gaudette AKA “Erin From Work” is in the spotlight this week! Erin started collecting in early 2016 (We may have had an influence but we’re denying it) when she began to pick up Star Wars Funko POP! figures. She also picked up a porg that sticks to windows via suction cups; an item she says is “still on my Jeep to this day.”

Erin says her focus is always changing and that there are always action figures that just catch her eye. She was primarily focused on Funko POP! but is currently focused on Power of the Force and one of her favourite Star Wars characters, Admiral Thrawn. She tells us, “who knows what shift of focus will come.” Indeed.

Her two favourite collectibles are the Black Series Admiral Thrawn and a recent purchase, a 3.75 Darth Malgus figure. She is also a big reader of the Expanded Universe novels and she would eventually like to pick up the comic packs from Shadows of the Empire, Heir to the Empire (she’s a big fan of Mara Jade) and maybe start adding a few favourite vehicles to her collection.

Erin was one of the inspirations for Mac to switch to all-white IKEA cabinets and you can see in her video, the white really makes the colour of the figures pop. We also dig some of her Funko POP display set ups.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 8.25.34 PM copy 3.png


We featured Dave Fronsee’s Star Wars collection a few months ago, which you can see HERE. When you look at those photos you’ll see that Dave was quickly running out of space. Then Star Wars Celebration Chicago happened. More importantly Dave’s wife, Kathy attended the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy with Dave and she came back with the collecting bug. So much so that the couple have decided to move the collection from it’s current cramped space and turn their basement into a much larger Star Wars room. Dave is letting us follow his progress and post it here so check back often as we update the goings on in his (and Kathy’s) new Star Wars room!

Follow Dave on Twitter.

Phase 4-A New Hope

Dave tells us, “the A New Hope portion of the Original Trilogy wall is somewhat complete as is the Black Series wall of fame. Complete with guards!” The Fronsee’s will be taking a break from the Star Wars room redo but will be updating us once they got going again. So far so good, we’d say!

Phase 3-Organizing Shelving and Displays

The Fronsees begin moving the furniture they’ve used in the old setup into the new room and giving a fresh coat of paint to some of the more “rummage sale” worthy finds. Next up for Dave and Kathy is plans for an Original Trilogy wall - check back for this and more updates!

Phase 2-Funko POP! Collection-COMPLETED!

Phase 1 -Moving Day & Setting Up the Funko POP! Collection

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Casey Lambert

Yoda once said, “Judge me by my size do you?” and that’s what we think of when we look at Casey’s collection. It may be small but it shows a Star Wars collector collecting what he loves. With a focus on modern figures Casey also has a few older, cooler items such as his Kenner Anakin Skywalker and Emperor figures displayed in acrylic. He also has multiple custom built lightsaber hilts spread throughout the action figures which are really interesting. We especially love the wooden box inscribed with the Jedi Code.

Ryan Beise from Galaxy of Toys

Ryan Beise, one of the co-hosts of Galaxy of Toys podcast has an amazing collection filled with multiple focuses, although his favourite is Darth Vader. Take a look at his collection as he has finally, after teasing his YouTube viewers for months, set up in his garage (with some spill over into the house). Be sure to listen to our friends at Galaxy of Toys and also give Ryan a follow on his YouTube channel, MrByz Reviews, for in depth reviews on Star Wars toys.

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Ben Williams

Ben has sent us some great photos of a great collection.  There are countless ways to display action figures but the one that always stands out is a room with rows and rows of figures on matching bookcases and shelves.  It’s a work of art really.  Ben started collecting roughly around the time of the Star Wars Special Editions and his first figures were Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Bib Fortuna: all from the Power of the Force 2 line.  He mainly collects 3.75 inch figures but his Gentle Giant mini busts collection is another huge passion for him.  Most recently he has been getting interested in Star Wars Black Series figures and as he tells us, “my collection is growing rapidly.” He is also a big Marvel collector. For more great photos from his collection, follow Ben on Instagram.

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Brandon Knapp

We featured Brandon’s collection a few months ago (see our interviews with him below) and it’s been one of our most popular spotlights. Like a lot of Star Wars collectors he’s done some updating and we’ve updated his photos too. One highlight that is new is his closet that he’s converted into a display for his LEGO collection. At first converting the closet to include shelving is one way of just expanding what is always an always expanding collection but the plus side to that is the door frame itself helps focus the look of the collection and in many cases closets have lighting too. He’s also added a Rogue One Combat Assault Tank and a Disney Parks Sandcrawler to go with his Vintage Collection TIE Fighter. A nice update that showcases some of the newer vehicles. Keep the changes coming, Brandon and to paraphrase a certain Jedi Master, “always in motion is the Star Wars room.”

We love Brandon’s setup! From the baseball bat cases that flank his TV to his tower-like display of his Black Series 40th Anniversary figures you can tell how that he’s taken a lot of care in displaying his Star Wars (ok, and Star Trek) collection. Brandon sums up what we also believe about collecting: “ I want everything to have a story.  Something has to have meaning for me.  I like just looking at them and knowing why I have that figure. “


         It's 11 X 15.  We moved last September and we got a finished basement with two bedrooms.  My wife was gracious enough to let me have one for my collection.  


         Not exactly.  I have always been a huge fan of all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, LOTR etc...  I had all my original Kenner figures and a few play sets from when I was young but had them stored.  I would see figures show up on the shelves and would get a few random ones here and there.  Usually a Han Bespin figure in some form.  About 5 years ago, I was talking about how I never got the Millennium Falcon as a kid and my wife bought me the Lego Falcon.  I put it together quickly and got addicted to Lego Star Wars for a while.  Got about 2 dozen sets including the Death Star, big super star destroyer etc...  I started to display them.  Then I got my older figures out.  Then I got the 6" 40th anniversary figures.  And then, and then, and then…  It just took off from there.  My best friend never stopped collecting and is my partner in crime on toy runs.  

So I went nuts for a while grabbing anything I could find.  Now that I have the bulk of what I have been looking for I am starting to narrow down.  I would like to get my hands on every Han Bespin figure.  He was my favorite figure growing up.  So that's what I've started to narrow down on. 


         Actually they are shelving units you would buy for a garage or basement.  They are 48" wide and 24" deep.  They don't have glass (yet) but are really sturdy for displaying.  I ran LED strips along top and inside to illuminate.  I found them at Sam's Club.  One box gives me two shelving units.  You have the capability of where you want the shelves.  They are black on black.  Which helps as most the room is black and grey.  What to put where is always a work in progress.  I am consistently re-arranging and moving things to dust and clean.  That's playing for adults.  As I add more I make more room or re-arrange. 


         The barge is fantastic.  Honestly, it was well worth it.  I look at it as a ready made Diorama piece.  It's so detailed and just ... big.  I went back and forth about backing it but am so glad I did.  It's truly a centerpiece.  I have it set up where I think I want it. For now.  LOL!  I kinda have the cabinets set up as Star Wars on the left, Empire in the middle, and Jedi on the right.  I rearranged  the figures in the cases above to correspond.  


         Someone posted the baseball bat displays on the Toy Run Facebook page which I am part of.   My friend and I came up with mounting them just enough to put figures in and in between.  I added more LED strips and I just printed some of the kenner style cardback designs on Photo Paper and cut them to size.  I think it turned out well.  The Death Star backgrounds I got from Diorama Workshop.  They are also printed on photo paper.  I did laminate those just to give them a little more sturdiness.  


     I also grew up a big fan of Star Trek.  I’m a huge fan of the original series and the movies and Next Generation as well.  I started by collecting main crew, then got a few more, and ended up buying a lot from Facebook of about 90 figures.  I really like the playmates line.  Really good sculpts.  Also, the Diamond Select figures from the original series movies are fantastic.  But spendy.  


     Not really a plan per se.  There a few elusive things I really want.  The Vintage Collection Slave 1 and the Legacy Falcon but they are really expensive.  I am really enjoying what they are doing with the black series 6" line.  The new face printing technology is awesome.  Especially on Tarkin and Dengar, right?  (The best in the series -ed.)  So I don't see me ending on those anytime soon.  As far as 3.75, I'm sure the new movie will give us some more goodness.  Not a huge fan of the VII and VIII but loved Solo and Rogue 1.   Also, the Vintage Collection line.  I don't have the completest mentality so I don't need everything from every line, I collect what I think I would like.  I want everything to have a story.  Something has to have meaning for me.  I like just looking at them and knowing why I have that figure.  

Also, listening to your love of the POTF2 line is getting me back into wanting those. (Sorry, not sorry. -ed.)  I didn't collect those at that time.  Broke college kid.  So I definitely see me adding those first and second waves.

When I have friends over they all like hanging out down there.  We watch Retroblasting and Fwoosh videos and just talk about collecting in general.   It's definitely my escape.

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Dave Fronsee's Closet

Dave Fronsee’s Star Wars collection is in a room attached to a larger rec room (where Star Wars has managed to spill out into based on the fireplace mantle).  The doorway into his collection reminds us of what Walt Disney did first with Disneyland which is to have a visual “weenie” to entice the eye as one approaches.  The doorway frames the collection in just such a way that you see a good part of it, but not all of it.   But instead of Sleeping Beauty’s castle (or Cinderella’s Castle, or the entrance to the soon-to-be-opened Galaxy’s Edge) we see a large part of his collection on the other side of the entrance.  It draws us in and makes us want to explore.

And what a collection to explore!

Dave has managed to fill nearly all existing wall space with various types of shelving ranging from IKEA simplicity to cubicles, to small shelving units that he says were scavenged from rummage sales. Each shelf is roughly themed: Boba Fett figures filling a small 4-step shelf, a short floor display filled with Star Wars Sequel figures and vehicles and one wall almost filled with white cubicle shelving.  He’s got stuff everywhere…even in the closet.

The room contains two closets but instead of holding clothes Dave has installed shelving inside of both of them and removed the doors.  This way he’s able to display even more of his collection and the lights inside the closet help highlight the items on the shelves.  It’s a genius way to maximize display space and we’re jealous.

Dave has been a contributor to our site before, check out his family vacation across the country featuring Funko POP minis.

UPDATED May 2019: Dave recently added some prints he picked up at Star Wars Celebration Chicago to his walls including one from The Mandalorian.


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WWE's Zack Ryder

We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Matt Cardona, AKA “Zack Ryder” from the WWE to our show and had a blast talking about Black Series, vintage and of course, Power of the Force 2. Zack sent along a few photos of his Power of the Force collection and his unique way of displaying them: in his closet. After Zack talked with us he had to head out on the road but promises to send photos of the rest of his collection. Be sure to check back!

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 8.25.34 PM copy 2.png

Custom Lighted POTF Cabinets

We know we’re a little biased at The Sandcrawler when it comes to the Power of the Force (POTF2) action figure line from the 1990’s but we have to say that this awesome collection from Garry Wright just makes this line of figures shine! Check out his custom cabinets and custom LED lighting system. Garry says it was easier to do than it looks and will share his process with us. When you think about it, lighting can really make or break a display and in Garry’s case, his figures just…shine.

A Clone Wars Christmas

We have featured the collection of Rex On Leave before but now he sends us photos of what might be the most fun Christmas display ever! Oh sure there are ornaments and figurines that some us may pull out for the holidays but Rex goes next level with his Christmas Clone Wars display! Check out the photo album below and be sure to follow Rex on Instagram.


Dan Zehr-Coffee With Kenobi

Dan Zehr, co-creator of Coffee With Kenobi, has experienced some amazing Star Wars-related events over the years and his Star Wars collection reflects that. It also reflects one man’s fandom that began at a drive-in theatre back in 1978. From exclusive merchandise that he has picked up while visiting Lucasfilm and Skywalker Ranch to a display of his original Kenner figures, Dan’s collection shows just how long his Star Wars journey has been. You can listen to Dan along with Aaron Harris of Coffee With Kenobi’s Resistance Reactions below. In it they talk about their collections as well as a discussion on favourite Disney Parks merchandise.

Aaron Harris of Resistance Reactions

Aaron Harris, co-host of Resistance Reactions and it’s predecessor, Rebels Reactions, both on the Coffee With Kenobi network saw Star Wars for the first time on a well-played VHS tape in 1986 but his fandom didn’t go to light speed until he was attending Star Wars Weekends and met James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Clone Wars TV show. The show quickly became Aaron’s re-entry point into Star Wars and his collection reflects his love of that part of the saga and the TV series that followed it, Star Wars Rebels. As a Florida resident he is also a big Disney Parks fan and attended many Star Wars Weekends held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Aaron joined Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi to talk about his collection and to discuss favourite Disney Parks Star Wars merchandise. Listen below:

Jamie's Legacy Collection

We featured Jamie Guida’s collection in a previous edition of our Collectors Spotlight so this is a prequel of sorts.  Jamie’s current collection is not his original collection of Star Wars memorabilia.  Jamie tells us:

I have mentioned a few times that I had a rather large collection that I sold years ago. The photos were lost, or so I thought. I just found a cd buried within my music cd's that has most of those photos. I have been rather bummed about the loss of the photos, let alone the actual collection. The Force is with me today. Once again, my collection was just pure pandemonium in it's placement. There's a story behind that.  

After reviewing Jamie’s recently found photos, we had to ask him a few questions:

1. How long was it between selling your original collection and then starting the process of rebuilding it?

2. Are you collecting the same way now as you did back then?

3. If not, what are you doing differently as a collector now?

4. Were there items in your original collection that you just HAD to replace?

Jamie responds:

I wanted to give you a little background before I answer the questions. I feel like it gives some context to the collection. First, I was born in 1975 and as a kid I didn't get a lot of Star Wars toys. There were things I always wanted and never got. So, in 1996 at the age of 21 I noticed a lot of the Power of the Force in stores and I'd buy a figure every so often. I was also engaged at the time. Fast forward to 1998, the marriage is not going well, and every time I come home with a new toy I hear the complaining, “Why are you wasting money", etc. The toys get released for the Phantom Menace and I buy a few items. We separate at the end of 2001 and then Attack of the Clones hits theatres. Now I'm single and I'm gonna show her. Haha! I buy EVERYTHING I see. From toys to shampoo to bandaids. I'm getting signs from Taco Bell and banners from Toys R Us. I was on the road daily so I stopped at every Wal-Mart or Toys R Us I passed to fill holes in my collection. I was obsessed. This went on through Revenge of the Sith in 2005 and my house looked like a toy store had exploded. Let me tell you, when you are 30, single and ready to mingle and you have a massive Star Wars collection, you better have some game. Anyway, a point came when I met my 2nd wife who was very supportive of my hobby, that I realized I was just over the collection. I was moving and didn't have anywhere to store it anyway. So, I took pictures and sold is as a whole collection on Craig's List. Way too cheaply, btw. I kept a few of my favorite items, but not many. Just in the last 4 or 5 years have I started to rebuild.



So to answer your questions:

1)There was about 6 years in between selling and rebuilding. 

2) The way I collect has changed drastically. I can not afford to just buy EVERYTHING anymore. Nor do I want to. If I see something I think is cool, I'll grab it. But I'm selective.

3) I'm much more limited on space so I will pass on things if I am not really drawn to the item.

4) There were a few things I regretted selling and wanted to replace. I loved the comic 2 packs. I got all the ones I had back thanks to a friend. He had actually bought them from me and just gave them back. I had numerous Millennium Falcons, boxed and open. I have replaced one which is enough. And I absolutely loved the Unleashed figures. I believe they were about 6". I had all if them and miss those. 

Thanks for sharing Jamie, we’re pretty sure this has happened to many adult collectors.  Whether it’s that big garage sale in the 1980’s where our parents sold our “Star Wars stuff” to financial situations or broken marriages, many collectors can sympathize with giving up or losing collectibles that at one point were important to us.  Always in motion is the collection to paraphrase a wise Jedi Master.  




Jordan Maison, Editor in Chief of was in our Collector's Spotlight way back on Episode 9.  On that show he spoke of his love for all things Darth Maul.  Recently Jordan was tweeting about his collection and we asked him to share his photos on our Spotlight page because wasn't actually in existence back when he was on the show.  Darth Maul is definitely one of those iconic characters who's distinctive look makes him ideal for a collecting focus.  Of course the fact that we first saw Maul during the Phantom Menace days, with it's tons of merchandise, doesn't hurt either.  Great collection, Jordan! Share more photos when you're able to take some of these items out of storage!

Listen to our interview with Jordan:


Paul is a long-time collector who is very passionate about how Star Wars movies are made and enjoys the behind the scenes books. He also has a large collecting focus on magazines.  The Power of the Force line has a special place in his collection and some of the highlights are in the photo below; including a Japanese C-3P0 and a "square card" Stormtrooper card from Canada.  

We really like Paul's use of IKEA's Detolf cabinets.  The glass towers positioned side by side are a stunning focus in his Star Wars room and their glass shelves are divided by character.  A very focused, very tidy way of displaying a collection.  Just take a look at his Luke X-wing pilot collection!   A few framed animation cels and storyboards help show the history and the making of the films and along with his extensive book collection clearly show his love for how Star Wars is made.  

In The Garage With Jamie Guida

Eclectic.  That's the first word that comes to mind when we first saw the collection of Star Wars collector and Co-host of The MotoXpod show, Jamie Guida.  A lot of being a collector is often centred around "focus, focus, focus."  Jamie's collection is anything but focused and we love it!  What's his focus? As he says, "It makes me happy."  And THAT should be the number one factor when collecting  Star Wars.  Each display makes you say over and over again, "hey look at that!." The fact that it spills over into his garage gives Jamie a unique chance to have his two biggest loves in the same place.  We approve!  Jamie writes:

"As I was taking pics, I realized what a mess it must look like. But, I have limited space and this is what it looks like. It makes me happy. Most of my 'prized’ stuff is in my fiance and my bedroom. The Vader and Stormtrooper helmets are in the living room. Then, in my shop it is just madness. All my moto stuff is in there with overflow Star Wars and some G.I. Joe. It's just where ever I make room. Of course my race helmets are my favorite. They are one of a kind. And both motorcycles have custom Star Wars logos."

Find Jamie on Twitter

Yoko McCann of Funko

Yoko is one of the four hosts of the Funko FunKast and is part of the marketing team at Funko.  She was our guest on Episode 43 where apart from deciding that Boba Fett is a chump, we had a fun discussion about how we display our figures and collectibles.  What we love about Yoko's displays is that they're full of bright colours (she's a Disney fan so that's just going to happen).  She also groups a lot of her figures by colour which adds a real focus to each shelf: you can't help but be drawn to them.  One really cool trick that Yoko employs is to use the packaging of some of her unopened figures as a way of adding height and levels to her shelves.  

Listen to our talk with Yoko below!


Matt Scott (@Rezikai) - - - -Love For the Empire

Feast your eyes on the might of the Galactic Empire!  "Rezikai" definitely has a love for all things Imperial, especially in action figure form.  Say what you want about the good guys of Star Wars but let's face it, the Empire has the "cool factor" cornered!


You have a ton of Imperial-related Star Wars figures in your photos, does this make up most of
your collection? Is it your main focus?

The Empire does indeed make up most of my collection, I've always loved the imperials of the original saga trilogy like Tarkin, Piett, Veers as well as EU imperials such as Mara Jade and Thrawn etc. I'd say the Imperials are my main focus moreso by default as my focus is imperial army building. I love the uniformity of the military with the fearsome look of the imperial troops.


We love the displays where you have Imperial officers and “upper management” on one shelf
and then a second shelf with troopers etc.  If there’s one theme that lends itself to a nice clean order, it’s the Empire.   Each of your figures in these displays are mounted on action figure stands.  Where did you
find them?

Oh yes, I love the stark contrast in colors to the imperial hardware and personelle ever since A New Hope. Giving that very cold precise professional look to the Imps. To your comment on the "Upper Management" level this was purposely done. It's changed a little since the pictures were taken as I've added the ROTJ Target Exclusive 3.75 3-pack Palpatine. I prefer the sculpt even though it's a 5POA figure. But I prefer to make the separation of the officers to the boots-on-the-ground imperial troops and stormtroopers. A hierarchy in the imperial was in the old EU canon and something I like to view in how I display.   The display stands were a mix, some were from GWAcrylic I got from Ebay I believe but the bulk of them come from a great site I learned of from my GiJoe collecting buddies called that offer sets of stands for modern Star Wars (and GiJoe) in bulk amounts from 50 to 500. (of which all have been used and I still need more lol)

Those Death Star panels are very cool...

The Death Star panels in the background of my pics are two seven piece sets from a very professional seller known as the Galactic Trading Post @GTP-Toys (twitter) who make them as a interchangeable set of walls in both 3.75" or 6" scales. I know Dan's not an opener but the quality of these space walls may make him change his mind. These are professionally done from a plastic manufacturer in the same kind of tough ABS plastic similar to Legos...  bare-foot destroying as known by parents around the world.

Interview continues after photo album...

Is there a reason for the large amount of Biker Scouts and Death Star Commander figures?

Large amount of Bike Scout and Death Star Commander figures you say? ... I take issue with the term Large... they are but a small incling of the truly vast resources, power and might of the Galactic Empire... lol.   But seriously I orignally (and still do) plan to do a diorama of the Emperor's arrival on the DSII. That scene had lots of biker scouts, imperial army troopers (At-St driver looking guys) and lots of Imperial gunners and Imperial officers. So i decided to add in more Death Star Commanders... as Imperial Naval troopers to stand across from the Imperial Army troopers (At-St guys). Also because they are awesome to kitbash a few customs using a Juno Eclipse for female versions and a more recent 3.75 Black series version that was a slimmed down blonde haired trooper giving some variety.


You seem to have a love for the AT-AT!  Is there a story behind this huge amount of
large vehicles?  It would make for a killer display!

Large amount of AT-AT's you say? I take issue.. hah no. I know it's a lot. There's a reason for it. I actually started my army building with AT-AT's first long ago before realizing it was easier on my wallet to army build figures. The original reason I got into an AT-AT focus to begin with is a story frommy fandom during "The Dark Times" after Return of the Jedi but before the EU resurrection with the Thrawn trilogy. 
It comes from the old Star Wars West.End.Games RPG module books and the tactical diagram books that gave detailed inventories of  Imperial, Rebel and other ship. That my friends and I played campaigns with. In particular an Imperial Star Destroyer had 20 AT-AT's and 30 AT-ST's (had to wait to get the AT-ST's on the $15 clearance price last year). But back in those days we kids were fighting for scraps of new Star Wars content until the books rekindled the Star Wars fervor, so we used vintage figures with our RPG games until POFT2 launched (we didnt care for the 1" plastic miniatures).
When POTF2 did launch, my friends and I saved money and slowly started to pick up a new POTF2 AT-AT almost every paycheck from our crappy high school fast-food jobs. Together we had an objective to make the full Star Destroyer compliment of AT-AT's. We got close,.. 14 before we lost sight and started to grow out of the old RPG and figure collecting. My friends gave me theirs as they decided to become respectable adults and for a while I did to. I returned to Star Wars a few years ago after leaving during the prequel era to do the adulting thing. Pulled the AT-AT's I had out of storage and decided to finish the run of  20 in honor of my friends some 20+ years ago.

What is your favorite Star Wars figure line?

 Favorite Star Wars figure line... thats darn near asking me which of my children I love more. Most people that know me would think I'd say "The Vintage Collection" or "The Legacy Collection" because I love super articulation.  However I don't so much prefer a line over the other as I prefer a good figure over another. For instance the POTF2 Ishi Tibb I prefer as he's never been redone, or Tessek from POTJ is another figure that comes to mind, nor the 2nd best scoundrel in the galaxy Bo Shek from the POTJ line. 
I guess if it comes down to a figure made multiple times in Super Articulation it would come to my secret love... good accessories. A good accessory will make or break me on a decision when it comes to a figure. For example the 3.75 Black Series/Vintage Collection Slave Leia with her staff and neck chains are fine but the Legacy Slave Leia with the alternate pair of legs will get my choice.

Do you dabble in 6 Inch figures?

I do dable in 6" figures, but it's very rare. I only have a handful Kanan, Ahsoka, Hera, Sabine, Thrawn. I loved the rebels characters and since their only SA versions were 6" I picked them up. Except the Thrawn I got the SDCC exclusive one with all his accessories from the show as I mentioned I love good accessories. Other then those I don't mostly because I've always been a 3-3/4 guy. More power to the 6" collectors though, that new dewback looks awesome.


Photos By A Padawan

Jay Krebs (co-host of Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels and writer for Coffee With Kenobi) sent us this album of photos taken by her son who at the time was ten years old!  The kid has an eye for toy photography as he gets down to carpet level! You can almost hear the clones as they press the attack and defend each other.  Jay tells us:

"My son took these when he was about 10 years old (and) I think it really showcases the power of pretend play, and that some kids are still very much in love with hands-on imagination. I included a candid shot of him at the time,  and another from recently."

"He's now 16 and still loves Star Wars just as much. He is also a talented saxophone player, a very creative writer, and good communicator. I think a lot of that was inspired by his long hours of this type of play!"


Paul Smith’s Dining Room


Yup, you read that title correct.  Let's let Paul fill us in. He writes, "Hi Guys, I'm Paul from Cambridgeshire, UK.  I have my own Star Wars dining I ever talked the wife into it I'll never know lol!"  

Clearly Mrs. Smith should be nominated for "Wife of the Galaxy!"

We asked Paul a few questions about his amazing and colourful collection.  The vintage Kenner display of boxes are actually "all MIB with unused contents – unapplied sticker sheets, unplayed with but boxes open at one end (with the exception of the Imperial Shuttle, I was lucky enough to pick up a MISB example which was awesome!)

His incredible Han in Carbonite piece was purchased "from a very talented guy called John from Whitby in the east of the UK, He makes these as a hobby, he casts, paints and makes the frame which is illuminated by LED lights, I have installed a rechargeable spot light above so I can change the color and effects by remote control, so it makes it more of a feature piece!"

The three crossed lightsabers that are mounted above his Stormtrooper display are the “room or nightlight” versions, the only down side to these is that they do switch themselves off after around 15 minutes which is not ideal… but they do come with a remote control."  

Speaking of the Stormtrooper display, we asked Paul about that particular focus:  "I suppose I have always loved Stormtroopers after the impression made by them seeing Star Wars for the first time aged four and a half in 1977 with them exploding onto the screen, I have always tried to pick up a stormtrooperwhen I seen them in their different incarnations… The helmet is again a fan made repro, modelled by another very talented artist called David from Widnes in the UK, he makes several Star Wars props and this is his latest updated Mk 3 mould. He has been trying to perfect the Stormy Lid for 20-30 years so definitely a labour of love! He also has several happy customers around the world, me being one of them! One day im hoping to get the armour to go with it…but unfortunately at the moment “ I’m a bit too Fat to be a Stormtrooper…!”

One element that stands out in Paul's dining room is the different types of bright colours that just make everything in the room stand out.  From the yellow/orange walls to the multiple lightsabers with green, red and blue blades to the ominous lights coming from the Han in Carbonite the entire collection just shines.

Thanks for sharing with us Paul!

-April 2018: Paul sent us a few pictures of his updated Stormtrooper display that now includes an awesome AT-AT Pilot helmet!